Meredith Family to Austrailia

Meredith Family to Austrailia

Dear Praying Friends,

A couple of months ago I had to switch from the telephone carrier I have used for almost 30 years and go onto the “new and improved” internet system that has been rolled out here in Australia. This would not be anything to most of you, but to a dinosaur like me, it was a problem. It meant, among other things, that all of my phone calls now would have to be made via internet. For about a week we had no phone at all. Thankfully, THAT has been taken care of. By the way, I KNOW the system is new, but I am not convinced it is improved.

The other situation I had with the changeover is that I now have internet at the house. Again, no problem for most of you, but when I attempted to send or receive email from here at the house, Google (my email address) did not want to believe it was me! They saw I was logging on at a different location and blocked my email even though I was able to give them my correct information. I THINK I have sorted that problem out, but to be honest, am not completely sure.

What I didn’t know, was that the last few email updates I have sent out have not been received by ANYONE. I trust that this one will get through.

Back in September our family went down to visit the Schropes for a weekend, and I preached for the anniversary of the work there. It also happened to be my birthday, and the Schropes gave me a few presents and a nice cake. It is always good to spend time with them, and I especially appreciated all they did to make my birthday special.

Sarah and I had a Bible study with Tahlia today. Tahlia was saved about a year and a half ago and has had a great deal of physical problems, mostly resulting from complications in her past. She had been in hospital for some time back in July but is doing MUCH better now. She is still in a lot of pain, and may have an operation to have the screws in her back removed. Please pray for her concerning this. Also, please pray for her mother and lost family to be saved.

I had also written about the Troy family. Sadly they have not been in services for some time now. She has very serious blood sugar problems from her diabetes, but there is a more serious spiritual problem.

On a more positive note, the Schenk family have continued to attend faithfully. They first came on Sunday mornings, but have been coming to Sunday evening and our mid-week services for some time now. They both have a testimony of salvation but do not have Baptist baptism.

Another family, the Young’s, have moved into our area. They are currently members of an Independent Baptist Church in the Perth area and have indicated they intend to join here.

We continue with the Sunday afternoon services in Pinjarra. Sister Pauline is also facing the possibility of some major surgery. She saw her surgeon this week who told her that at her age it might be better to put off the surgery and see what happens. He wants to re-examine her in a few months.

My dad had a second operation for his carpel tunnel. The first one didn’t help him much, if any. We trust this one will be more successful. He and my mother should be leaving for Florida in about a month, but that could change due to their ongoing medical situation. They live in Michigan during the US summer, and have a nice trailer in Palmetto, Florida for the winter. While hurricane Michael did a LOT of damage in Florida, it hit far enough north that their place was untouched.

Here in Mandurah winter is over and we are enjoying some beautiful spring weather. Last week I saw my second snake of the year while I was out running. Most of the time that I see one it is slithering off into the bush, apparently glad to avoid me (and I KNOW I am glad to avoid it!). This one was laying out, seemingly sunning himself stretched out across the trail that I was running down. As it was a poisonous snake (a dugite), I didn’t attempt to jump over it but came to a stop and picked up a large stick that I threw on it to encourage it to move off the trail and into the bush. Once he left, I continued my run home.

Debbie, the girls and I are all well health wise.

A week or so back I saw a cartoon showing some dinosaurs foraging and a meteor hurtling toward earth. The caption in the first panel said something like, “It wasn’t a meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.” In panel two was a drawing of and older couple attempting to do something on an electric device of some sort. The caption there said, “It was the introduction of technology.” I know the feeling. Since I think I have finally sorted this out, these email updates should resume again on a much more regular basis. I will also be putting a printed letter out the first of November, so be on the lookout.

Thank you again for your prayers and support of the continuing work of the LORD here in Western Australia.

In His service,

The Meredith family

A Working Church for The Coming Lord