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Bro. Gonzalez has been a BDBC Staff Missionary since 1986.

August 8, 2017

Dear brethren in Christ,

We are writing this letter completely trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ's control over our lives and we know that we are in Good Hands. That God may continue to use us for His honor and for his glory.

On July 4th, my pastor and his family, Bro Tim Neely and his wife Sis. Mary, and Sis. Mary Cook arrived in Chile on a missionary trip/visit, a total of 8 people that we had the privilege of hosting in our home. It was a great blessing and of great encouragement for my wife and me being able to share with them in our home, especially the devotional time in the morning. My pastor, Bro Shawn Nichols, was able to minister to three churches which the Lord has allowed us to work with in Santiago, Chile. In conjunction with sharing spiritually, we also shared Pharyngitis. This illness upset our program quite a bit, but the shared time with the brethren was a tremendous blessing. We thank God that Bro. Tim Neely was able to fix our dryer, even just hours prior to having to travel back to the US. May God reward my brethren for the sacrifice and effort they made in visiting us.

I returned to the U.S. with our church’s missions team for a furlough. The work in Chile was prepared for my departure so that I can accomplish two things before returning to Chile. First, my time in the U.S. gives me a chance to report to you, our friends and supporting churches. I will be contacting you in the weeks ahead to schedule a visit. Until then you can always email me using the email address on this letter.

Second, I am spending some time in Houston working toward finalizing my U.S. citizenship. This has been a long journey that will help me in Chile. I am currently required to return to the U.S. frequently to maintain my residency. Without residency, I cannot stay in the country very long, making it difficult to spend time with supporting churches. Citizenship will allow me to stay in Chile for longer periods of time while at the same time giving me freedom to remain in the U.S. when needed on furlough. Please pray for the Lord to guide this process in the days ahead.

Please keep my home church, Bayou Drive Baptist Church, in your prayers. Our pastor of thirteen year, Bro. Shawn, resigned and will be moving to Oklahoma City. Our church is healthy and prepared for this transition. We are excited to see what God will do with Bro. Shawn as well as the ministry here.

We thank God for your support and constant prayers in favor of His work.
Matt 16:18 – “I shall build my church"

In Christ,
Lohen Gonzalez

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