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Bayou Drive Baptist Church
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Bro. Garcia has been a BDBC Staff Missionary since 1996.

August 8, 2017

Dear supporting brethren in Christ:

Hello from the Southwest here in the state of New Mexico.  Once again, our prayer is that this letter will find all of you enjoying the very best of God's blessings for your life and your ministries.  While we still struggle, we are doing better with our health but we are improving and benefiting from God's grace to keep on keeping on.

Since our last newsletter we have seen new souls come to Christ and we have had some visitors in the ministry here.  Although most of them have not returned, we are confident that the Lord will bring forth fruit in His due season with our constant prayers for them.  One young man that I led to Christ here a couple of weeks ago I believe we will see in church and we are praying that he will follow in baptism. As we have mentioned before, it is either a job, shopping for groceries, or even sports that will get in the way for them to come.  We must pray that people will get serious enough about God and the things of God not only to keep them from going to hell but (just as important) to really seek God's word and His will for their lives.  

The weather has really been hot and somewhat dry here and it really seems to affect these shingles of mine, but as I said, God's grace has been sufficient to enable us to stay in the battle.  This week my wife and I are helping out in the VBS of the church where we are working.  We are hoping that the Lord will use the Latino and Spanish speaking kids in order for us to have an open door to minister to their parents.  Please pray for this matter as intensely as possible. The English speaking people here are very helpful and are willing to be used of the Lord to help us in the ministry. 

We pray regularly for you all and for your ministries. There is no doubt that our Lord's coming for his people is just around the corner and the enemy is doing everything possible to discourage, disrupt, and interfere in what God wants to do through our lives.  Let’s keep our eyes focused on Jesus and our hearts pure before our God, so that He can fill us with His Spirit and keep us in His care and protect us in these perilous days that we live in.  The Lord bless you all and thank you very much for your faithful prayer and financial support. We love you.

Yours in Christ Jesus for His glory,
Brother Sal and sister Pat Garcia

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