Sal Garcia

Sal Garcia

Staff Missionary to Spanish America

Sal Garcia was born in San Luis, Colorado on April 15, 1948. He was born again into God's family at the LifeGate Baptist Church in Pueblo, Colorado on January 28, 1976. He was baptized there and in March of 1976 he surrendered to preach the gospel.

In the Fall of 1976 he surrendered to be a missionary after watching a play put on by a group from Tenessee Temple College about the missionaries Jim Elliot and his partners in Ecuador. The Lord comfirmed that he was calling Sal and his wife to go to the Spanish-speaking people. Their first assignment was to the Iglesia Bautista del Calvario, a spanish church in Arcola, Texas, just 14 miles from Alvin, in December of 1978. It was while in Arcola that the Lord confirmed that they were to be used in the U.S. to minister to the Hispanic people living in America.

The Lord led Sal and his wife to Bayou Drive in 1996 to start a Spanish-speaking church and later to be missionaries sent out from the church. They have had a part in starting churches in Colorado, California, New Mexico, and Texas. Sal and his wife currently reside in New Mexico and are working to establish a Spanish-speaking work in Santa Fe.

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