Lohen Gonzalez

Lohen Gonzalez

Staff Missionary - Chile

Lohen was born in a Christian home in Santiago, Chile and saved at the age of eight. When he was in his third year of college, studying Agricultural Engineering, the Lord called him to the ministry. During this time he was compelled to leave everything: a career, financial stability, and professional soccer. He left college and began his studies at the Bible Baptist Institute in Santiago, Chile to prepare for the ministry, where he remained from 1977 to 1979.

Lohen was accepted on staff as a youth leader during these Bible institute years where he met his wife, Rebecca Rose, a missionary's daughter. They were married in 1980.

In 1981, Lohen and his wife Becky were led to pastor a Spanish church in the United States and in September of that same year he was ordained to the ministry.

In 1983 Lohen and Becky returned to Chile to visit family. While preaching among his own national people, the Lord softened his heart for Chilean missions. And in 1984 he launched, with his family, into full-time Chilean ministry, returning to his national homeland with a monthly support of $500.

Lohen and his family joined Bayou Drive Baptist Church in 1990 where he was offered a staff position to broaden the Spanish-speaking ministries of our church. Lohen and his wife continue to serve on the field in Chile and contribute regularly to the strategic leadership and direction of Bayou Drive. His investment on staff as well as his church planting work in the Santiago area has born fruit in the salvation of many coming to the saving knowledge of Christ, the establishment of several Spanish-speaking churches, the training of several men for the ministry of preaching and missions, and the exhortation of Chilean and US pastors alike.

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