What To Expect

What You Can Expect From Us

  1. People Who Aren't Perfect - We are a congregation of people who have assembled to encourage each other in worship and obedience. You will occasionally find us broken, hurting, discouraged, and wayward. Yet, it is our conviction that Christ forgives, reconciles, and restores. Come regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey.
  2. People Who Are Sincere - We are serious about worship, church, preaching, growth, prayer, and fellowship. We often define and use big words like imputation, covenant, and justification not to sound smart, but because they are Bible words that need to be understood. Every event is designed with the novice and the seasoned Christian in mind. Come ready to learn.
  3. People Who Are Involved - We are a small church, and as such there is much for our membership to do. It's hard to sit on a pew and not be noticed. Before long you will find someone asking for your help. It's part of our way of serving the Lord. Come plug in with with us.
  4. People Who Are Christocentric - (There's one of those words!) Everything we do revolves around the person and work of Jesus Christ. You will hear much about Him and will be encouraged to follow Him. In preaching we recognize that lifestyle questions are best addressed through a right understanding of God and the Bible. The Holy Spirit makes the appropriate applications to put shoe leather on our issues so that we can walk effectively. Come to find and know God.

What Worship Usually Includes

  1. Greeting You - You will be greeted at the front door by a welcome team and offered a contact card to fill out. Our greeters will escort you where you want to go, not just point the way. They will ensure that you know about our nursery, how our children will worship that Sunday, and other information you might need to feel at home with us. We are friendly, so expect a number of people to approach you and welcome you to church.
  2. Music - We consider our music progressively conservative. We sing a blend of hymns and conservative newer songs led by a group. We incorporate other instruments as members have ability which have included guitars, piano, strings, and brass. It is important that every song be inspirational to the heart and theologically true to the mind.
  3. Announcements - You will hear and be encouraged to be a part of what's going on around our church. We share events like we're family, ensuring that the entire church knows the names of the people to contact for questions.
  4. Scripture Reading - We spend time as a church reading through the Bible. Bring your own if you have one. If not, there are Bibles in the pew pockets that you can use with page numbers displayed on the screens for your convenience. Follow along with us.
  5. Preaching - Our pastor preaches approximately 40 minutes from the Bible. Again, you can use your own Bible or the one in the pew pocket. Our sermons are expositionally text-driven, so keep your Bible open throughout the sermon and follow along in the text as we preach.
  6. Offerings - We always pass offering plates to give our church a chance to give. It is part of our sacrificial worship. Guests should never feel obligated to give. Routinely we give general offerings we call our "tithe" and special offering to help missionaries around the world.
  7. A Time of Commitment - We believe worship is transformational, not just inspirational. As such we include a time of prayer (an "invitation") at the end of every message. Some pray in their pews. Others come forward to pray at the "altar" (the steps to the platform.) Still others come forward to talk to a staff member about spiritual needs. You are not required to leave your seat. We would just ask that you remain reverent and contemplate what God has said to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Worship

  1. Where do I park?
    There is parking around the metal building with an entrance labeled "Sanctuary." We also have a parking lot across the street that you can use. Most people park in one of those two places, both of which are close to the Sanctuary doors. There is also parking around the side of the building marked "Office." We have several handicap spaces in the parking around the Sanctuary large enough for handicap vans and ramps easy to make it through the doors.
  2. Where do I go?
    Look for the door marked "Sanctuary" if this is your first visit. Inside you will find a welcome center staffed with people to help.
  3. How long does it last?
    We start at 10:45 Sunday morning and are finished at noon (give or take 10 minutes).
  4. Do I need a Bible?
    A Bible is not required but helpful. Bring one if you have one. There are also Bibles in the pew pockets if you don't have your own. Page numbers for our pew Bibles are usually shared on the screens during worship.
  5. What do the flags mean?
    There are a number of flags hanging from the ceiling around the sides of the Sanctuary. Those flags represent missionaries that we support in those countries. Our church members give financially above their tithe to help support the work those missionaries do. You can read more about our missions work online.
  6. What should I do with my children?
    We have a nursery staffed with volunteer women from our church for children 0-3.. Our older children 4 through 6th grade begin in the fellowship hall. You may drop them off before service starts. Our greeters will be happy to show you where these are located. They will remain there throughout the remainder of our worship service learning songs and Bible stories about Jesus. All of our volunteers have passed background checks. You will be notified in a discreet manner during worship if any of your children have any needs. Your children are welcome to stay with you in worship if you choose. Children are always welcome.
  7. Where do I get my children after worship?
    If you used our nursery, a parent (not a sibling) should return to the nursery to pick up your child. Our older children will be in our Fellowship Hall. You can get to the Fellowship Hall by exiting the Sanctuary and entering again through the doors marked "Fellowship Hall" under the awning. You can also get to the fellowship hall through our Bible study hallway during inclement weather.
  8. When/Who/How does communion work?
    We participate in communion (the Lord's Supper) quarterly during a morning worship service. All who have been saved, baptized, and are a faithful participating member of a church of like faith and practice are welcome to partake. The Lord's Supper is symbolic and does not impart grace. It is an act of remembering what Jesus sacrificed to provide salvation to us. The bread represents His body and the juice represents His blood.

    The "bread" is a piece of unleavened cracker and the "cup" is non-alcoholic grape juice. Communion plates containing either a wafer or juice will be passed to you. Take one and pass it along or just pass without partaking. No one is watching whether you partake or not. Occasionally even our members will pass without partaking if they have not had adequate time to spend in prayer. Those with peanut, gluten, or other allergies should consult with a staff member before partaking.
  9. Will you baptize me/my child?
    We are always excited to baptize new followers of Christ. Baptism does not reconcile us with God. It is symbolic of our union with Christ, vicariously participating in His death, burial, and resurrection (1 Corinthians 12:13). Proper baptism is always practiced by full immersion, after salvation, and in a church of like faith and practice. We require it prior to church membership. Visit with one of our staff members for more information.
  10. Can I talk to a pastor?
    Yes. A pastor is available for spiritual needs during our time of prayer ("invitation") at the end of the sermon. Staff members are also available after worship in the foyer and around the building to assist with special needs.
  11. Can I attend other church events?
    You are invited to attend any event we have. Sunday morning we have small groups at 9:30. There is a class suited for each member of the family. You will be encouraged to return Sunday night for our evening service.
  12. How do I become a member?
    We are excited you are interested. Please read about our membership process as you pray about this decision. Share your interest with a staff member during an invitation or after worship.

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