Membership at Bayou Drive Baptist Church

We are excited that you are interested in the membership process at Bayou Drive Baptist Church. Most people who are frequent visitors to our church will decide at some point that it is time to become a member. Others may wonder about the importance of church membership. We are here to help answer all your questions to allow you to follow God's leading in your life.

There are two things we ask of prospective members. These can be accomplished in any order.

Regenerate Church Membership

We are a congregationally-led church that practices regenerate church membership. That means that members who profess that they have been saved (regenerated) are adopted by the whole congregation upon profession of their testimony of conversion. It's a great way for everyone to recognize other members of our church body.

As God leads, when you have made the decision to join Bayou Drive Baptist Church, come forward during any of the invitations at the end of a service and tell our pastor of your desire. He will pray with you and present you to the church for membership. There are a couple of things we will want to confirm before presenting you for membership.

  1. Salvation. Church members are those who have a stated testimony that they can remember a specific time in their life in which they repented of sin and asked Jesus Christ for forgiveness and cleansing. In doing so, they have committed to follow the Lord in obedience throughout life. If you would like more information about how the gospel saves sinners, please contact us.   
  2. Baptism. Scripture teaches that the first act of obedience for a new Christian is baptism by immersion in a church of similar faith (Matthew 28:19-20). Our pastor will ask you about your baptism. If you are in need of baptism, you can still come for membership, at which time your membership will be pending your baptism in our church. Our orientation class will teach you the importance and picture of what baptism means.

Covenental Membership

Not only is every member professing salvation in Christ, members also agree to covenant together around our church doctrine and constitution. Churches are like people with varied personalities. Upon becoming a member, we want our church to feel like your church. To help with the transition, we ask those that are coming from other congregations, or those who have just received Christ, to attend a three-week church orientation class. This class meets for three Sundays in the afternoon usually every other month. For a schedule of classes, please reference our activity calendar.

During each class you will be given the opportunity to affirm basic beliefs and practices of our church. These collective affirmations unite us together in covenant and define how we operate as a body of believers. Each class will focus on a different aspect of our church.

Week 1: What We Believe

With an emphasis on doctrine, we will discuss what the Bible teaches about salvation, baptism, and church membership.   

Week 2: The Character of Our Church

We will discuss who serves in areas of leadership, how we manage money and resources, who to contact with questions, how we worship, and what our mission is as a church.   

Week 3: Your Relationship With Our Church

You will be introduced to our vision and direction. Our Road to Discipleship defines how we work together to develop disciples for Jesus Christ.

Where Do I Start?

For those curious about what church membership is, who Bayou Drive Baptist Church is, or want more information on what we believe, we suggest that you start your membership journey by attending our orientation classes. A sign up sheet will be available in the church foyer a few weeks before the next class. For a schedule of classes, please reference our event calendar.

For those who have visited and are confident in their salvation testimony and in our doctrinal positions, we suggest that you present yourself for membership to the church before attending the next scheduled orientation class. Just greet our Pastor at the front of the church during any invitation at the end of a service. He will guide you in prayer and your next steps.

If you have other questions, please visit with a member of our staff or call the church office during the week. However you come, take the next step to grow with us by joining Bayou Drive Baptist Church. We want our church to be your church.

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